Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our First Day in Nicaragua - By Jacqueline Brinzo

Today we woke up really early (3:45 am) to travel to Nicaragua. Although we had to delay a day due to a winter storm passing through Pennsylvania, this did not affect the work God has for us here. We arrived to Nicaragua at about 2 pm. As we were driving to the orphanage, I was overwhelmed with compassion because of the poverty I was seeing. My heart started to break as I praised God for giving me this opportunity. When we arrived at the orphanage, a lot of kids ran towards the bus. Right away, My team and I were able to build friendships with them.

Once we were settled, we went straight to a local church. While sitting there I asked God to intercede in my prayers for these people. We were welcomed with open arms. Our team ministered through a skit, human video, and sermon. I was able to share a piece of my testimony once we were done ministering, God told me to pray for health. During an altar call, someone translated to me that people were coming up for prayer to be healed.

After the service, my team and I played with the kids and a few did balloon animals. When it was time to go 3 of the girls would not let go of my hand and stated by the bus until we drove away yelling “te amo.”

In just one day, God has done so much. I am amazed by his love and consumed by his grace. Within a few hours, God spoke through our team and touched everyone we came in contact with.

I cannot wait to start an early day tomorrow and see everything that God will continue to do.

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