Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our Last Day in Nicaragua

We had another early start today by 8 am. Our team was beginning a program at a Christian School for Children ages 5-17. We began with the same fun songs and skits we have been performing at previous venues. Although the children were hesitant to participate at first, the more we connected and reached out to them, the more they responded.

After a story about Daniel and the lion’s den and a powerful dance and drama, we had an alter time. Many of the children came up to the front for prayer for different needs and others for salvation. It was such a great sight to see these children receive Christ as their leader and forgiver of their sins.

Seeing them run to the front for prayer filled me with such joy. In the Bible Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Today I saw the Kingdom of Heaven in the closed eyes and bowed headed of children who were trusting God for everything.

After lunch, we were able to do another program; this one for mainly elementary aged students. As a person who is studying to be an early childhood educator, these services that are focused on young children bring me the most joy and fulfillment. My heart was full as I watched them sing along to Jesus is my Superhero! I thank God for churches like this one that invest in the lives of their children.

We ended our last day with the children at the orphanage. We did a mini version of one of our programs, ate ice cream, made bracelets, gave away headbands to the girls, gave soccer balls to the boys, and took lots of photos.

These were the hardest goodbyes to say because these were the children we spent every morning and evening with. I am so sad to say goodbye. As we head back to the United States, we leave a piece of our hearts with them just as they leave a piece of theirs with us. I truly have Amor por Nicaragua.

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