Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feeding Center

Going into the first day was overwhelming and unsure to the whole team as we kicked off our first activity of the day. As we ministered to children the phrase "Trust God in Everything," many of us were being taught to just trust God ourselves. It is so hard to minister and see the circumstances these children and their families live in. They have so little, yet they are so kind and willing to give anything they have.

Nicaraguenses are so loving and friendly. From the second we got off the bus, we were bombarded by the love of kids. Our bus actually got stuck in the mud and we all had to jump out and push the bus. The moment we pushed the bus out of a hole full of mud, several children rushed to greet us. One of the children was Natasha, and she wanted lots hugs and for us to immediately start playing with her. She just wanted to give us love because she knew that's what we were there to give her. 

We had a wonderful time ministering at this outdoor feeding center and had an amazing time sharing with everyone the love of Christ. As we left, Natasha and several other children came up to the window of our bus to wish us a safe trip back. It was such a beautiful scene to see their glowing faces as they wanted to touch our hands one last time as we left.

Even as we drove off, Natasha ran after the bus and blew us kisses. We hope that we can be half as loving as Natasha was to us in the couple of hours we were with her.

* As told by Rachel Guerrieri & Joshua Santiago.

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