Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hiking Up a Mountain to Feed People - Part I

Mule. When I think of this animal, I usually compare it to a young strong man. But not today. Today was one of those days that we had scheduled to hike up a mountain and bring food to people that lived in various houses up the mountain.

I encountered an old lady that hikes this mountain once a week to get to her church service. Here I am, a 21 year-old young healthy man, struggling to make it up the mountain. This old lady hiked it like if it was a walk in the park. Well, not really, it was an extremly hard hike. Between the exhausiting heat from the sun and the steep climb, I knew that she struggled up and down the mountain. What really caught my attention was her dedication to her church and to God. No matter how hard the hike was that she had to make every week, she did it despite the harsh circumstances of the path to get there. The things that these people do to get to church is amazing. Keep in mind that they are all primarily old men and women in their 80s and 90s. I compare this to life in the U.S. where we sometimes complain about getting up in the morning to go to church or we are just too lazy to drive to church. This goes to show you which country really needs God more.

* By Joshua Santiago

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