Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hiking Up a Mountain to Feed People - Part II

The hike up the mountain was the best part of the day. We got to hike up to a village and give food to those living up there. Many of them had physical ailments and terrible living conditions and extreme poverty. As we delivered food, we felt helpless. We Wish we could do more, and the verse that came to mind was, "...when I was hungry you gave me something to eat." We can't do everything, but at least we're trying our best with what is placed on our hands. As we hiked between homes in the mountain, we thought of a line from one of Robert Frost's poems, "...the road less traveled..." Humbling oneself to meet the needs of people they don't even know is the road less traveled, and God is pleased with those who take that road.

Part of the team had to split and go down the other side of the mountain to feed some additional families. We were told that it would be an easy hike to the other side but it turned out that although it was downhill, it was much harder than the climb up the mountain. It was tough and exhausting and some of us just wanted to stop and rest and not get up. It was a climb through thick bushes and ravines that made it almost impossible to reach the families in need, but we finally made it. Once we got there, one encounter made the whole hike worth it. At one of the houses, there was an elderly woman who we stopped to pray for and provide her with food. As we were getting ready to leave, she began to speak safety, health and blessings over us so that she could see us again next year. This touched us because it was a reminder that (1) we are not just here to speak into the lives of children and the elderly, and (2) we are nt here to see what we can get out this trip for ourselves. It was a clear reminder that we are here to bring Christ's love and joy to every person we encounter.

* As told by Kelsey Morriston, Kimberly Naicker and Bethanne Milton.

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