Monday, March 11, 2013

Back at the Orphanage

The day after our free day, we were blessed by being able to sleep in a little. We had breakfast at 8 am this morning. After a good breakfast, we headed to the orphanage. We had stopped at the orphanage previously at the beginning of the week but today we got the chance to really hang out with kids. Many of these kids had come from abusive situations before coming to this orphanage. It was heartbreaking to hear about some of their stories.

It was awesome to see the kids so excited to see us again, but I think we were definitely as excited or more to see them. We got the opportunity to do some of our kids programs with both the older and younger kids. They really seemed to enjoy our puppets, which was awesome since we left the puppets with the orphanage so they could use them.

Before the program, we had some time to hang out and play with the kids. The kids would run down the halls laughing and wanting us to chase them. Some kids went out to the playground with some of our team to play on the swings and slides. Emilee enjoyed climbing mango trees to see if any of them were ripe. We had the opportunity to try some fresh mangos that were very delicious.

For lunch we got to sit with the children. It was cute to see some of the guys from our team feeding the little babies.

After saying our goodbyes to the children, we were able to go back to camp and take showers. By this point, we were all hot and sweaty. We had a youth service that evening to get ready for. When we arrived at the church, we worshiped for a bit and then we did our usual program. This evening was Kiersten and Liz's turn to share from their hearts about what God had done in their lives. Tyler preached the sermon tonight as well. He spoke on obedience to God no matter what. It was so encouraging to see all the people that came forward for us to pray over at the end of the service and a large number received Christ as their savior tonight.

- Brittany Johnson & Tyler White

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