Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hard at Work in the Outdoor Heat

Today began bright and early. It was our last day at the hostel and they ave us a beautiful breakfast in the back of the garden. After we finished eating, packed and said our good byes to the wonderful people at the hostel, we were off for our first event of the day.

Today was definitely one of the hotter days so far because by the time we reached the school we were already pretty gross with sweat and dust.

We were greeted by a sea of children and a welcome banner! They were all so excited to see us and play. We did our service with Emilee doing an amazing sermon about Jonah and then made balloon animals and painted every face. These children were so energetic and had so much fun, I think they had the most fun of all the events we have done so far.

The orphanage from a few days ago was our destination for lunch. When we walked in, the first children we saw were the twin girls we had seen a couple of days earlier. Amy and I would have taken them both! They are so sweet and content. While everyone else was inside, we played on the swings, slides and tossed around mangos.

When we brought the girls back inside, the rest of the team could not get enough of them. Simon, Matt and David seemed to be the girls favorites.

Lunch at the orphanage was fantastic but unfortunately, Kiersten got heat exhaustion and was very sick. Leaving the orphanage wasn't too hard because we were just passing by for lunch and we knew that we would be back for a full day at the orphanage this coming Saturday.

From there we headed to our next event at a school. Kiersten was still very sick and sat on the side for this event. This was lucky for her because our event was outside in the sun and our one drama involves us throwing ourselves onto the ground, which today was like jumping into a heap of just, dirt, elves and rocks.

The students didn't seem as interested as our other event had been. It was a little discouraging. They talked amongst themselves and didn't always pay attention but two brave students came up for prayer. If we were meant to go there for just these two, then that was enough for me!

As we were driving away we passed a large group of people camping out in protest. Abdias, our translator, explained to us that they had been driven out of their homes and were now protesting the government for the land they were camping on. It was heart breaking to see people living in those conditions.

Thankfully, from there we went straight back to the camp group to shower. We were all very sweaty and now had dirt from our drama stuck to us too so it was much needed! Once we were refreshed and clean, we were off to our last event for the day. We were already for God to move.

The area where our service was had multiple tents. Ours was in the back and was near a bathroom that had both soap and toilet paper!

Everything about this service felt so right, like God was with us before it even started. We did our zumba dance to get every one having fun together since it was mostly adults and teens. They loved it! The rest of the service went really well. Tyler gave a wonderful sermon on obedience! God truly moved during the alter call and I was privileged to help lead a young lady to Christ.

- Michelle Clark

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