Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heading Out to Rural Matagalpa

The day started off wonderfully since everyone to to sleep in an extra hour. Once everyone was ready, we enjoyed a lovely devotional by Kelli about faith. We read about Abraham's faith and how we should have faith in God in everything we do on this missions trip.

On the way to Proyecto Matagalpa, we got a little scared at one point because our translators jumped out of the bus without warning us. It all turned out fine, they had jumped out to grab us drinks and ice for us for today. The team was determined that we are not really suffering for Christ since the food they serve us here is really good.

After breakfast, we did a service for a group of local rural schools. Some of the kids had to walk from their schools to where we were. The children seemed amused by our dances and thought that the story of Zacheas was funny. Several children gave their lives for Christ. Praise God!

We then had the honor to serve some elderly people in the local community. We served them food, gave testimonials and Simon gave a sermon. We were all so blessed by the elderly when we had a chance to pray over them and then they prayed over us. The elderly here love giving hugs and kisses, and let me tell you, we've had more hugs and kisses today than probably our whole lifetime.

During lunch time, Amy taught us all a very valuable lesson. This lesson was that you can floss your teeth with a strand of your own hair. Kelli decided to try this valuable lesson, but instead of one hair, she used four hairs and needless to say this didn't work. They broke in-between her teeth which hurt and Kiersten had to help Kelli get the hair out that was stuck in her tooth.

After lunch, the team got a nice workout. We climbed up a mountain to hand out food to local people and pray for them. We met many people with various needs that challenged our hearts and prayers. Brittany and Loren bonded with one girl based on their testimonies. It has been amazing seeing our testimonies used to touch and help and help others. All of us wish that we could help them more.

Later we went to another church service where we got to minister to others. David gave a powerful sermon on how God can free us from our spiritual shackles.

While we were waiting for dinner, someone found a Saltamonte (Nicaraguan grasshopper about three inches big). Tyler said that he would pay someone $20 if they would eat it. Our translator, Moises, said he would eat it. So for the next several minutes everyone surrounded Moises with cameras to record him eating the grasshopper. Moises ended not eating it, but we did get video of Emilee licking it and kissing it on its face.

- Elizabeth Whitman

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