Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Serving in a Small Church - By Courtney Lidke

Today was a long day full of activities. By the early afternoon, everyone seemed to be tired and a bit out of focus. Our second service of the day took place at the church our translator (Abdias) pastors at. The church itself was small, but the people were welcoming and felt like home.

About 90% of those in attendance were kids. While they waited for the service to start, they were climbing trees and running around with no worries in life. Our team was split into two groups. One of them stayed outside the church building to run the children's program and the other group staying inside to run the adult service.

It was funny seeing the kids reaction to our story of David and Goliath. We sang songs, did puppetry and a bible verse. At the end, we all went into the main service and did our cardboard testimonies. Each team member had a cardboard with something they were written on the front. The back had what God had done in their lives. This had a very big impact on those watching.

At the alter call, lots of people came up for prayer. This was my favorite part of the night because it was the first time I felt comfortable praying in the Spirit with the people. After praying for a young lady, she brought over her husband for prayer which made my heart happy.

After the service was over, our translator's daughter came up to me and gave me a long hug. As it got dark outside, we played a little bit more with the kids until it was time to go.

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